Using financial education to empower individuals to optimize the quality of their life and enact social change.

What exactly is my goal with Millennial Financial Futures? In the most basic sense, I want to support young people to expand their notion of what is financially possible for themselves and the world through capitalism. I will write easy to read and understand pieces on basic financial concepts that are critical to success in a capitalistic system.  I live in a Burlington, Vermont which is a very liberal area, and I run in a very liberal circle of young queer individuals so I understand many young, queer, and marginalized people want to change the system that for so long has profited off our oppression.


In many ways, I agree with this end goal. The system we have currently is not working. Capitalism can lead to environmental destruction, perpetuate racism, sexism, and homophobia, and force individuals to spend their entire lives working for money instead of enjoying this one life that we have. This website is operating from the belief that the only way we can change the system, is to change the system from within. By avoiding the capitalist system, individuals end up further disenfranchising themselves and decreasing their quality of life overall. I believe that a understanding of basic financial concepts, along with a vision for a financially independent life will allow us to use capitalism to combat environmental destruction, encourage equality and equity for all, and to allow individuals to find a healthy lifestyle where work is balanced with a joyful and full life. 


Disclaimer - I understand that I am writing from a privileged place as a white person from a wealthy family. This website is an attempt to leverage my privilege in order to empower people to make the changes that they hope to see in the world. I am also a woman and queer so I’m hoping I’ll be able to communicate these scary, important concepts in ways that are relatable and useful.