Catalog of Concepts

A table of contents so you are able to quickly get where you want to go, and follow along the order of how things have been published

I really want to make this blog accessible, easy to understand, and useful in helping people to understand financial concepts. This means that we are starting with the basic building blocks and moving forward in our knowledge together. So each article will have progressively more jargon and complex principles as we establish knowledge together. If you click on "Lets Start Here" and read to the bottom, you will find a link to the next article I published. This will continue with each article to make reading in order easiest. I'm also adding this table of contents so that if you close your tab, stop reading, or have a specific topic you want to go back to you can have an easy way to get there.

Lets Start Here - A basic overview of my background and purpose with the blog

Part 1 Why to Save Now - A look at how saving allows you to feel control and dream greatly

Part 2 Why to Save Now - The most important lesson to learn, COMPOUND INTEREST

Introduction to Asset Allocation - What do you do with the money you've saved?

Savings Accounts 101 - basic overview of various types of savings accounts

Bonds 101 - basic overview of what a bond is

Precious Metals 101 - basic overview of how to use precious metals to start saving

Real Estate 101 - basic overview of investing in real estate

Stocks 101 - basic overview of what a stock is

Pay Yourself First - how to prioritize saving without depriving yourself on a ridiculous budget